Maroon Consciousness

Obi: Seminole Maroon Freedom Fighter is a fictionalized account of the daring escape of a 15 year old enslaved young man and his friends from a cotton plantation in South Carolina who find refuge among the Seminoles of Florida. The story follows Obi’s meeting with the mysterious African Quashee, his transformation from slave to freedom seeker and his escape to Florida. Through the “learnings” provided by Quashee, Obi develops the traits essential for his becoming a Maroon leader, establishing a Maroon village, his fighting in the Gullah Wars of Independence, going to Indian Territory out West, and his subsequent escape to Mexico.   
Ma•roon Con•scious•ness \mə-‘rün\ \’kän(t)-shəs--nəs\ n. the ultimate expression of personal freedom and power, characterized ​by self-definition, self-discovery, & commitment 
to a sustainable value system which is the antithesis of individualism, consumerism, and materialism.

Meet Obi: Seminole Maroon Freedom Fighter