Order Books: Maroon Consciousness: The Book Series
Obi: Seminole Maroon Freedom Fighter
By Martha R. Bireda, Illustrations by Anne Shively, ISBN: 978-4-902837-03-2  Price: $13.95. Obi: Seminole Maroon is a fictionalized account of the daring escape of a 15 year old enslaved young man and his friends from a cotton plantation in South Carolina who find refuge among the Seminoles of Florida. The story follows Obi’s meeting with the mysterious African Quashee, his transformation from slave to freedom seeker and his escape to Florida. Through the “learnings” provided by Quashee, Obi develops the traits essential for his becoming a Maroon leader, establishing a Maroon village, his fighting in the Gullah Wars of Independence, going to Indian Territory out West, and his subsequent escape to Mexico.

The Trabue Woods Book of Values (2nd Edition) by Martha R. Bireda
By Martha R. Bireda, ISBN: 978-4-902837-20-9  Price: $12.95. The traditional values by the pioneers the settled the Trabue Woods community in South West Florida enabled the community to survive and to thrive. These values passed generation to generation, from 1885 to the late 1960s, were learned by the author herself as a girl growing up in the Trabue Woods community. Using old photographs and newspaper articles, the 8 core values learned by the children of Trabue Woods are shared with young readers ages 8-12. The values taught in Trabue Woods are typical of those held by the descendants of slaves who established communities after the turn of the century.
Essential Ifa Reference
by Baba Jaha Cummings, ISBN: 978-4-902837-04-9, Price: $34.95. This book was written to provide a reference to those who desire an essential overview of key elements in the practical application of Ifa. This book was created to provide  a useful guide for their reference library. The book is useful for scholars and students of Ifa, Santeria, Afa, Vodou, Candomble, Palo, Kumina, Obeah, Quimbanda, Trinidad Orisha, Spiritual Baptist, Umbanda, Abakua, 21 Divisiones, Winto, and Nkisi, as well as other nature-based and esoteric traditions.

Omowali: The Child Returns Home - Reconnecting Our Children With Their True Culture
by Martha R. Bireda, Ph,D, and Jaha Cummings, ISBN: 978-4-902837-10-0, Price: $14.95. Our children are in trouble. Of course, not all of them to consider that African American Youth are in a "crisis of values". Many of the problems that our youth experience regardless of socioeconomic status, have their roots in the inculcation of values that are the antithesis of their true cultural values. This book is intended to be a guide for African American adults, parents, family members, neighbors, teachers all those who care about our children and desire to help and reconnect with their true identity and true culture.
Cuba is a State of Mind
by p.w. long, Juaquin Santiago, & Elijo Truth, ISBN: 4-902837-18-8, Price: $12.95. We read about those who leave, but not about those who stay; Mostly black, mulatto, and rural white; Descendants of slaves; Masses of uneducated servants and peasant class before the Revolution. Those whose freedom was denied after their participation in the struggle during the Cuban War for Independence (1898); Loyal to Fidel; Most protective of the Revolution and subsequent Post-Revolutionary way of life so imbibed in African culture; Most affected by the US Blockade and least likely to receive remittances from relatives in the US; Those who would lose the most with a return to the Pre-Revolutionary status quo.
Parables of Milk and Might

by R.A.N., ISBN: 978-4-902837-21-6, Price: $16.95. The main purpose for writing this book is to use it to sensitize many people, both in the industrial countries, as well as in the developing world, particularly in Africa and in Asia, the Caribbean and South America, about the negative effects of the global economic system, which is controlled by the powerful and wealthy countries to the disadvantage of the developing countries. This sensitization will increase the awareness of people about the effects of this negative development, which is the cause of poverty, underdevelopment, and conflict in the world.