What Is Maroon Consciousness?

1. What is Maroon Consciousness?

Maroon Consciousness is the ultimate expression of personal freedom and power, characterized by self-definition (freedom from assigned identity and role; self-discovery (focus on using one's knowledge, talents, and skills for the common good), and commitment to a sustainable value system which is the antithesis of individualism, consumerism, and materialism. This consciousness offers a model for social change and the creation of alternative societies.

2. Why is Maroon Consciousness important to the Black Community?

The Maroons are the ultimate expression of freedom and self-determination. The Maroon Consciousness provides a set of beliefs and values, i.e., collectivism, cooperation, cultural expression, etc. that have been proven to be effective strategies for the survival, uplift, and empowerment of a group who faced daily challenges to their freedom and existence.  The “crisis in values” which exists in many black communities today requires the adoption of the Maroon Consciousness.

3. Why is Maroon Consciousness important to humanity as a whole?

Humanity is in a state of crisis. Gaps in wealth, well-being, and human relations caused by individualism, greed, materialism, and consumerism have led to the breakdown of families, institutions, and whole societies. The Maroon Consciousness offers a model for social change; the  establishment of democratic, multi-ethnic, and alternative communities based upon: Commitment to an ideal of freedom and autonomy; Collectivism: We Are One; Cooperation: Working together for the common good; Creativity: Adaptation and Transformation; Consultative: Consensus; Cultural Expression